Monday, December 8, 2008

Catching Up

Winter has firmly set her grip upon the Pacific Northwest, and with the onset of eight-hour days of sunlight (if we're lucky), endless gray skies and bone-chilling rain, I figured I had better take a little time to catch up.

It's been WAY too long since my last post, and good things are happening all around. Magazine work is coming in, and what's more interesting is the amount of jewelry work I'm getting. Not that you'll hear me complaining. I love shooting jewelry. There's something about the time and care it takes to really make a piece (or pieces) shine in their best light that appeals to the puzzle-hound in me.

Here are some recent pictures to let you know what I've been up to.

This first image is from jewelry designer Camilla Rich (aka. Reba Bennett). She's a fantastic designer from Seattle who recently had a sold-out show at Clutch, Seattle's premier high-end handbag store. (Yup, high-end handbags. With all the drooling my wife was doing, I should have brought a mop.) Congrats Reba, and I'm looking forward to our next shoot.

We move from the beautiful to the tragic, as here I am, celebrating my - gulp - 36th birthday. Man, I am SO old! It was a great evening. Thanks to all my friends who came out and partied it up into the wee hours. Especially huge thanks go to my friends Jef and Molly. Molly was about 8 1/2 months pregnant and looked like she was going to have the baby at any moment. (Happy news! She had her second daughter just over a week ago, and everybody is doing wonderfully.)

I had my share (and several other people's shares) of the grain and the grape, which just reminded me - again! - that I am not 21 anymore.

Finally, here's a shot from a recent shoot I did with a couple of friends. Rosalie and Pixie Z are two really fun women who wanted to do a series based on different styles of burlesque. We started in the 20's in Germany, and are going on from there. They were huge troopers. Working in my very cold garage-studio and only complaining a little bit. Can't wait to see what happens next!

There have been lots of other stuff going on. I'm amazed at the number of meetings I have in the next few weeks, meetings with art directors, big-name catalog retailers, models, a dominatrix (for photo purposes only, I can assure you), and a few others tossed in for the fun of it.

This time I won't wait two months to post about it. I promise.

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