Monday, May 26, 2008

98% Chimp Rides into the Sunset

It was almost ten years ago when I first met Scot and Jef. I was living in the caretaker's apartment of a church and Scot worked at the Grand Illusion, a teensy-tiny independent movie theater just next door. Jef came around with another friend and started playing music. They were the core of the first group of friends I made in Seattle.

Jump ahead a few years and Jef and I are living in a house with a bunch of other guys. Yup, it was that sort of place. Where women would either run away screaming, or just get sucked under all the garbage, eventually to be eaten by wood ants. Still, Jef and I began writing songs together, and soon, Scot came in to play the drums.

We were together for about two years in total, and during that time Jef and I probably wrote 70 songs, if not more. I've played in many bands in my life, but it was never easier or more fun than with Scot and Jef. We even managed to play the OK Hotel just a week before it was destroyed in an earthquake.

Life goes on, though. Now days, Jef is happily married with one cute kid and a second on the way. And Scot is just about to move to England. Life may change, but our friendship will always remain strong. (Hallmark, can you read this? Seriously, it's like the front of a greeting card.)

We were 98% Chimp. And so are you.

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