Sunday, May 11, 2008

Zech Johnson. Puetz Customer.

As I was saying....

I was diligently practicing what Jay Ellingson from Interbay Golf has be
en trying to teach me -- "Widen your stance. Slow down in the take away. Relax through impact until you reach full extension" -- when George Howell from KOMO news showed up, camera man trailing just behind.

I was on camera for a good five minutes, swinging away, sweating like a DC Congressman on Oprah. They ran a mic up my sweater (no, I didn't get felt up. George was a perfect gentleman) and asked me a few questions. Holy crap, is it scary trying to talk intelligently about major social issues while you're trying to hit a golf ball.

And they cut my favorite sound bite, jerks.

George: Is there enough room to build a prison here?
Me: I can't speak to that. After all, you can always build up.

They misspelled my name, too.

I now have 14 minutes and 38 seconds of fame left. Better use them wisely.

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