Friday, July 25, 2008

Prophet in the Park

Every now and then a happy accident occurs. A perfect confluence of events that leads to something wonderful. Last night was one of those happy accidents.

Yesterday, while sitting around, working on my new website (should be done by Aug. 1, keep your fingers crossed), Chuck Prophet came on. For those of you who don't know Chuck, he's a wonderful performer/songwriter that plays some great rock 'n' roll with a slight country twang.

Anyway, his song Summertime Girl came on and I thought, "Wonder what he's up to? Maybe he'll play Seattle soon." A quick search of his website showed that he was playing nearby. Very nearby. In fact, he was doing a concert in a park about 20 minutes away, and the show was tonight! Best of all, it was free! Free, I tells ya!

My wife and I packed up a picnic dinner, slathered on the sunscreen and went out for a wonderful evening. The Mayor of the City of Kenmore gave a thankfully short speech about supporting the concerts in the park. Then a brief introduction and away he went. The weather was beautiful, the crowd friendly and into the music, and Chuck Friggin' Prophet was playing while I sat eating brie and baguettes.

Here's a simple snap of the man himself as he was leaving the stage.

Thanks to the City of Kenmore for having these great shows, and thanks to Chuck Prophet for being so damn cool.

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