Thursday, October 2, 2008

How not to make a website

Websites are such a pain. I tell you, I've been working on my website like crazy these past few weeks. Of course, like the big control-freak that lurks deep within all artists, I was building my site from scratch. This wasn't the first time I've created a website, but this was going to be the biggest, baddest, best website ever. That was the plan, at least.

It's amazing how fast frustration can build. One moment you're coding an external asset pre-loader with full XML functionality, and the next thing you know you've turned your flat-screen monitor into a Frisbee.

After countless stops and starts and more than a few "Why the h$*@!! isn't this working?", I finally had to admit defeat. I spend my time making images, finding new visual metaphors that help people promote ideas, and through those ideas, their products. I'm not a programmer. Not anymore.

So I've purchased a really nice template. I'll spend the weekend kicked back with a cup of coffee, working on which images go where, and generally not worrying about how it works. And by the end of next week, the new site should be up and running.

Someday down the road I'll hire some nice young web-design firm to make me something ultra-cool. Some place with a one word name like Stun or Volume. They'll be nice, and young, and oh-so-hip, and knowing what I know about websites, I'll probably be their worst nightmare. I apologize in advance

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