Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is not Project Runway

So I had a bright idea: I'm going to build my own soft-box. It shouldn't take much, I thought. A little wooden frame, perhaps a foam-core casing....No, wait! I'll do it out of shiny fabric. It will be cheap, take me an afternoon to make. No problem!

Ugh. Here's a picture of me slaving away on my sewing machine, three days later, wondering how I got myself into this mess. It's too bad my strobes are old and strange and don't take any speed-ring known to photography (which means no pre-made soft-boxes for me), but damn it if I'm going to let that stop me.

It actually came out pretty cool. I sewed myself a pyramid shaped box with silver on the inside. The frame it gets attached to is solid and is designed to clamp onto a C-stand. Tomorrow, I'm going to attach the diffusion material and give it all a whirl.

Keep your fingers crossed. If this works, I'm going to make more specialty lights.

If photography is the art of shaping light, might as well make the lights you use as individual as possible.

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